Birth Announcement: Introducing Coben {Victoria BC Newborn Video}

After 9 months and 9 long days of waiting, Coben Jace Fraser finally showed up.

Little Coben was born on March 26th, 2014 at 10:28am, weighing 7lb14oz.

I met Kate and Mike during the planning stages of their wedding, which I had the privilege of filming (check out their highlight video here.)

When they announced they were expecting, the gears starting turning as I thought of ways to tell their story. We had a maternity shoot in the park with the whole family, I spent some time filming the nursery, and finally baby Coben when he arrived. Hopefully you will see more stories like this in the future from me!

Coben was 9 days overdue, and I carried my camera and microphone with me all week waiting for him to get here! When he did arrive, he arrived in a hurry. All of Kate and Mike’s soothing and relaxing birth plans and methods went out the door, and he was almost born in the car. The doctor and doula showed up right after he was born!

I feel so fortunate that Kate and Mike have let me into their lives to document their most precious moments.

Baby Coben_Vimeo

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